Burning Monk

by Burning Monk

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All music / lyrics © 2013 Burning Monk


released August 7, 2013

Recorded by Damian at The Riff Gallery
Mixed and Mastered by Noah Landis in USA, France, Belgium , Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, and Czech Republic.
Produced by Burning Monk
Artwork by Joseph Kelly

Special thanks to:
Noah Landis, Dave Stoltenberg, Joseph Kelly, Alexeis Filipello, Jill Laufer, Charles Bukowski, & Chai Thai Noodles



all rights reserved


Burning Monk Oakland, California

The Path to liberation from the slave state that is your life.

Matt=Guitar/Vox Jamison=Bass/Vox Kevin=Drums

"Burning Monk is better than Jesus." Jesus

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Track Name: Your Life is Boring and Meaningless
Wage slave clock in slow death
You work for chump change your in debt
Working at your job is a waste of your time
There is no future born in the U.S.A.
You are a slave on American soil
With nothing to show for your hours of toil
It will be that way until your dead
No time for you to live
No time for you to think
No time for you to make a change
Sinking you can’t break the chains
Work all the time for perpetual debt
This is your future born in the U.S.A.
Modern day slave on American soil
With nothing to show for your hours of toil
It will be that way until your dead
Wake up work to be broke pointless prison
Your work has no meaning at your shitty job there must be a better way to live
Broken put in your time pointless prison
Working at your job is a waste of your time
There is no future born in the U.S.A.
You are a slave on American soil
With nothing to show for your hours of toil
It will be that way until your dead
Track Name: Fuck Dump
I’ve got have the Internet technology my favorite shows
Obey the latest fashion trends express myself through stupid clothes
I‘ve got to have a car or two so I can drive away from you
Food that’s wrapped in plastic junk that soon will end up in a dump
Our way of life
Creates toxic muck
We all trash the Earth
And don’t give a fuck
The problems still here
After we are all dead
Leave the Earth trashed for children
‘Cause we’re fucked in the head
I’ve got to have the power on so I can play my stupid songs
And pills so I don’t have to feel when I’m the one I want to kill
I’ve got to have pounds of meat while children starve and dream of food
And tomatoes in the store year round while outside there is frozen ground
An island of plastic
Floats in the sea
Spew toxic waste
Into the air that we breathe
Our nuclear waste
Will outlive us all
Let’s fight for the Earth
See the writing on the wall
Track Name: Whippersnappers
Your music sucks. Top 40’s lame!
All those bands that sound the same
Hip Hop culture? Drug dealers are cool.
Kids that murder kids at school!
In your eyes you’re a shining star.
Get the hell out of my bar!
You Goddamned Whippersnapper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You’ve watched so much T.V.
It’s told you who and what to be
You’re a desensitized modern day clone
Plugged into your iphone
Your future on this warming earth
Was left to you by Moms and Dads
A world run by lunatics
Get the hell off my lawn!
You think you know? You don’t know.
You’re too young to understand.
You’re young and wild and starry eyed
What you know as truth is mostly lies
Here’s some truth. You’ll get old.
Eat the shit that you’ve been sold
Develop character through pain
Understand what I am saying?
Track Name: Glutton
There must be a better way to eat
Than chemical flavored lard and tumor infested meat
Fruit hanging on vines with mutated genes
You’re diets got your energy low
Your hearts overworked and you brains working slow
Conquer the masses through their stomachs
And turn them into
Piles of shit
Greasy burger
Cheesy fries
Don’t forget
To super-size
Open up and shove it in
Fat glutton American
14 year old video cracked out kids
Obesity will be their destiny
They’ve got a fast food kick
And they’re off to the drive-thru
The face of America
Is a hungry pig
With the worlds resources
On its plate
Order takeout while children starve
Small? Medium? EXTRA LARGE
Greasy burger
Cheesy fries
Don’t forget
To super-size
Open up and shove it in
Fat glutton American
Track Name: WWIII
World war is coming soon
A failing world economy
Starving children soon will see
World war three
Shit on the earth and no one cares
Missiles flying through the air
Winter comes and never leaves
World war three
Track Name: Zealot
You want kids to pray in school
Teach creationism like a fool
Wacky science must be wrong
Get on your knees and pray along
You undermine women’s rights
At abortion clinics starting fights
Kill a doctor in the name of Jesus
Sanctified murder to save a fetus
Your faith is based on a fairy tale
Designed to control you
No one knows where dead souls go
But you think that you know
You’re a fucking idiot
No one knows where dead souls go
Get on your knees and pray
You hate gays and speak in tongues
Learn a real language instead of a fake one
Stone a woman for being raped
Or help the Pope spread AIDS across Africa
Track Name: Oblivious
Follow the Light
Toward the gates of hell
Track Name: Who Taught This Bitch How to Read
Track Name: 10 Years Later
Traitor Murderer Terrorist the Mr. Bush Clan
Their Endless war is a business plan to feed the rich man
An evil Dad and stupid son are guilty of treason
They rape the world and suck it dry and send your children off to die
The face of terror can always change its fucking brilliant
Conquistador you claim the earth for your disposal
Ten years later
We’re still at war
Dead soldiers
Will never know what they died for
In the name
Of the USA
We’re sent to kill
So you can get your hands on oil
I watch you lay a wreath at the pentagon
Like you care at all about the people gone
Dad set it up when he was head of the C.I.A.
When the towers fell you knew that you could have you way
With lying eyes
You sold us out
Your junta feeds the corporate greed
You kill the earth
And people to
Kill yourself
The only right thing left for you
Bodies blown to pieces over battlefields
Your hands are drenched in blood over every kill
Fuck you George Bush you’re a selfish evil man
And every other person who helped you hatch the plan
Track Name: Burning Lotus
Suicide Protest Burning Lotus
Burning Lotus Hopeless Voiceless
Ascension passage through flame
Image of death burns into your soul
Sacrifice for the voiceless masses
Suffocate before the lotus falls
There is no escape from what I have done
Let the image of my death burn into your soul
Sacrifice for the voiceless masses
Ascension Passage through flame
Focus my mind to block out the pain
Suffocate before the lotus falls
Eyes explode Blood starts to burn
A charred blackened corpse dead in the street
My burning flesh the stench of death it smells like pig
Track Name: God Hates Fred Phelps
Punch a Christian in the face
Let them know they’re fucking lame
Promoting bigotry and child abuse
Love for God is their excuse
Steal from a Christian
The way they steal from the poor
Selling false hope
To make their temples bigger
Molest and rape a Christian
The way they rape their children
Burn the Christians like they burned the heathens
In 100 years it will be a fringe religion
Label their books pornographic
And their language obscene
Let’s oppress the oppressors
And end this disease
Track Name: What Matters Most is How Well You Walk Through Fire
Track Name: 15 Minutes of Lame
Another 15 minutes of fame.
Shelved away inside your brain
You have a short attention span
Created for you by the Man
The media used as a tool
To create the modern fool
Truth and fiction flashing by
Flip through channels and swallow lies
Goddamned kids raised by T.V.
Are out of touch with reality
Conquer the massed by breaking our will
By sensory input overkill