Burning Monk

by Burning Monk

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released March 9, 2013




all rights reserved


Burning Monk Oakland, California

The Path to liberation from the slave state that is your life.

Matt=Guitar/Vox Jamison=Bass/Vox Kevin=Drums

"Burning Monk is better than Jesus." Jesus

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Track Name: Whippersnappers
Your music sucks. Top 40's lame! All those bands that sound the same Hip Hop culture? Drug dealers are cool. Kids that murder kids at school! In your eyes you're a shining star. Get the hell out of my bar! You Goddamned Whippersnapper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've watched so much T.V. It's told you who and what to be You're a desensitized modern day clone Plugged into your iphone Your future on this warming earth Was left to you by Moms and Dads A world run by lunatics Get the hell off my lawn! Whippersnapper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You think you know?You don't know. You're to young to understand. You're young and wild and starry eyed What you know as truth is mostly lies Here's some truth. You'll get old. Eat the shit that you've been sold Develop character through pain Understand what I am saying?
Track Name: Punch a Christian
Punch A Christian Punch a Christian in the face Let them know they're fucking lame Promoting bigotry and child abuse Love for God is their excuse Steal from a Christian the way they steal from the poor Selling false hope To make their temples bigger PUNCH A CHRISTIAN Molest and rape a Christian The way they rape their children Burn the Christians like they burned the heathens In 100 years it will be a fringe religion Label their books pornographic And their language obscene Lets oppress the oppressors And end this disease
Track Name: 10 Years Later
Ten Years Later Traitor Murderer Terrorist The Mr. Bush Clan This Endless war is their business plan to feed the rich man An evil Dad and stupid son are guilty of treason They rape the world and suck it dry and send your children off to die The face of terror can always change its fucking brilliant Conquistador you claim the earth for your disposal Ten tears later We're still at war Dead soldiers Will never know what they died for In the name Of the USA We're sent to kill So you can get your hands on oil I watch you lay a wreath at the pentagon Like you care at all about the people gone Dad set it up when he was head of the C.I.A. When the towers fell you knew that you could have you way Hypocrite With lying eyes You sold us out Your junta feeds the corporate greed You kill the earth And people to Kill yourself The only right thing left for you Bodies blown to pieces over battlefields Your hands are drenched in blood over every kill Fuck you George Bush you're a selfish evil man And every other person who helped you hatch the plan DIE