Fuck Dump

from by Burning Monk



I’ve got have the Internet technology my favorite shows
Obey the latest fashion trends express myself through stupid clothes
I‘ve got to have a car or two so I can drive away from you
Food that’s wrapped in plastic junk that soon will end up in a dump
Our way of life
Creates toxic muck
We all trash the Earth
And don’t give a fuck
The problems still here
After we are all dead
Leave the Earth trashed for children
‘Cause we’re fucked in the head
I’ve got to have the power on so I can play my stupid songs
And pills so I don’t have to feel when I’m the one I want to kill
I’ve got to have pounds of meat while children starve and dream of food
And tomatoes in the store year round while outside there is frozen ground
An island of plastic
Floats in the sea
Spew toxic waste
Into the air that we breathe
Our nuclear waste
Will outlive us all
Let’s fight for the Earth
See the writing on the wall


from Burning Monk, released August 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Burning Monk Oakland, California

The Path to liberation from the slave state that is your life.

Matt=Guitar/Vox Jamison=Bass/Vox Kevin=Drums

"Burning Monk is better than Jesus." Jesus

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