from by Burning Monk



You want kids to pray in school
Teach creationism like a fool
Wacky science must be wrong
Get on your knees and pray along
You undermine women’s rights
At abortion clinics starting fights
Kill a doctor in the name of Jesus
Sanctified murder to save a fetus
Your faith is based on a fairy tale
Designed to control you
No one knows where dead souls go
But you think that you know
You’re a fucking idiot
No one knows where dead souls go
Get on your knees and pray
You hate gays and speak in tongues
Learn a real language instead of a fake one
Stone a woman for being raped
Or help the Pope spread AIDS across Africa


from Burning Monk, released August 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Burning Monk Oakland, California

The Path to liberation from the slave state that is your life.

Matt=Guitar/Vox Jamison=Bass/Vox Kevin=Drums

"Burning Monk is better than Jesus." Jesus

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